Heat Treating Services

Dura-Strong’s oven anneals welded items such as pressure vessels.  They are heated to a high tempeNACE Oven half-sizerature (~1250F / 677C degrees) and then slowly cooled. This process, called “annealing”, removes internal stresses and toughens the welds. Also know as post-weld heat treating (PWHT), it is a common step used in the production of ASME and NACE certified pressure vessels and pipe works.

Our annealing oven can accommodate a single vessel up to 54″ OD by 20′ long as well as smaller vessels. The picture below isInside NACE Ovena stainless steel rack designed to hold up to four vessels with a max OD of up to 30 inches each. If you are looking for an affordable oven, ours is available for hire. We can provide annealing and other heating solutions that fit your needs.  We also prepare and provide the accompanying heating documentation.

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