R Code Repairs

ASME does not have a code section that covers the repair of Section VIII, Division 1 pressure vessels. Repairs, therefore, fall under the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC). Dura-Strong Fabrication, LLC holds an R stamp and is authorized to do both shop and field repairs to ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1, U stamped vessels.  We cover an area that includes all of New Mexico, southern Colorado, eastern Arizona, and west Texas.U and R v2

The National Board is the agency that oversees the requirements for repairs and alterations to ASME vessels. The following list is typical of the process for a repair to such a vessel:

  • Investigate the repair that is required.
  • Procure or purchase a copy of the original U1A report from either the manufacturer or National Board. The U1A provides needed information about the original vessel.
  • Review the U1A to verify materials of construction, fabrication requirements, Non-Destruction Examination (NDE), and testing that was done when the vessel was created.
  • Prepare a repair plan that includes a field traveler with hold-points for the Authorized Inspector (AI) .
  • Identify the weld procedure to be used. This is defined by the repair to be done, the alloys being used, and the type of weld or welds to be used.
  • Identify the welder and his or her qualifications.
  • Prepare any drawings, calculations, and/or engineering data required.
  • Procure and review documentation of any new material that must be utilized, usually Material Test Reports (MTRs).
  • Specify any non-destructive testing that is required and verify that the NDE shop can do it. For instance, if doing a repair on a 3.5” thick shell and an x-ray is required, check with the NDE provider to ensure their x-ray source is powerful enough to penetrate that much steel.
  • Specify any Post Weld Heat Treating (PWHT) requirements and if it should be localized to the repaired area or applied to the entire vessel.
  • Specify the type and range of any pressure testing that is required.
  • Prepare an R code nameplate with all applicable and correct data.
  • Prepare an R Form with all applicable and correct data.
  • All of the above information must be available for the AI to review as per the NBIC.
  • Perform the repair as stated in the repair plan.
  • Perform testing as required by the NBIC.
  • Sign off on the appropriate documentation and have the AI sign the R Form after his or her final inspection.
  • File the R Form with The National Board; this ensures that information about the repair to the code vessel is always on file.

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